B.I.G Black Ink Global is a SaaS Fintech company founded in 2017. Since its inception, it has focused on developing market-proven algorithmic trading systems enhanced with AI & Machine learning. Our team has spent the past two years creating the first cohesive and actionable set of advanced analytical crypto techniques to service the blockchain investment market. We launched Version 1 of our crypto trading bot on September 9, 2018. Version 1 of our bot has been tested in the fires of brutal market trading forces and has more than proved itself by producing strong real-world profit results.

B.I.G acquired its intellectual property through years of research and development in Forex and the stock market through the co-development of multiple quantitative traders, machine learning specialists and data scientists that are conceiving and creating our pioneering methodologies and trading systems. B.I.G’s revolutionary solutions are designed to scale with the increasing size of different crypto assets available for trading. As the number of coins continues to grow, so will our ability to identify bonafide value, filter the noise of market activity and provide valuable data on all developments.


Marshall Smith


Manuel Fritzenwallner


Stephen Gomes


Gunnar Bless


Bartosz Azatar Solowiej

VP Engineering

Andrew Palladino

Director of Operations

Michael Morvaji

Signals Director : Machine Learning

Dusty Park

Marketing & Business Strategist

Drasko Brankovic

Full Stack Developer : Data Scientist : Senior Quant

Bhavishya Goyal

Senior Quant & Architect Developer

Vinay Kashyap

Senior Full stack Developer

Nishant Kumar

Senior Full Stack Developer

Maxim Prishchepo

Blockchain Architect / Developer & Senior Quant

Frank Braurer

QauntConnect Developer & Architect

Radek Januszko

Senior Quant

Alfred Opare Saforo

UX Designer

Victor Terschenko

Senior Developer / FXCM / Strategy

Sourabh Jain

Software Engineer / Data Scientist

Rodion Altshuler

Blockchain / Back-End Software Engineer

Daniel Levy

Marketing Director

Fedor Levshanov

Senior Quant / Machine Learning


The Opportunity: The Expanding Global Marketplace

Our research and unique approach provide our trading customers with a strong competitive edge and timely insights into how to strategically position their trades to capture maximum profits from day to day buy-sell volatility in crypto trading. The Black Ink Global team has carefully crafted its bot to address the growing opportunities across different areas of the crypto trading market. We have developed advanced methods, functions and designs to produce optimum trading solutions for growing crypto investment opportunities.

Technology-enabled financial products and services are disrupting the Fintech industry. The use of technology across the financial services industry is growing and some of the more popular products and services are likely to be the ones that serve previously untapped market segments. Trends that are unique to markets tend to stand out and can potentially find greater acceptance by the consumer. These trends are identified and prioritized by our system to help our customers maximize their profit results from their crypto portfolios. The volatility and liquidity of each crypto-pair is precisely mapped, measured and scaled. With that information our bot is able to maximize the market trade returns for any given investment scenario.

B.I.G believes the core sentiment and driver of market trading performance is the value analysis built into our proprietary trading logic. The learning technology underlying our bot help us to profitably identify the industry segments that we are tapping into. The objectives of our team effort are to accurately identify emerging products and services, trends in the tech-enabled sub-segments of the financial services industry, drivers and restraints in the new crypto ecosystem, trends from different regions and growth opportunities emerging in this new crypto trading world.

Key issues are being addressed in the Fintech industry that are being embraced by visionary pioneering new thinkers and are forcing the old guard to evolve their practices and architectures. An irreducible example that affects us all globally are the banking relationships that are dominated by the inertial payment system that has existed since the beginning of electronic banking. Can we reasonably expect banks to embrace the irrepressible evolution of money in any timely way? Banks are disincentivized from keeping pace with accelerated transaction processing because they make less money the faster transactions and transfers clear. One in three people in developed markets now carries a smartphone. Globally only 3 out of 10 people have a bank account. Large geographic areas of the world have populations that have little or no availability for traditional banking services. With the onset of digital currency, this is all about to radically change for the better.

Blockchain & Digital Currency is an organically viable way by which the greater percentage of the global population will be able to acquire individual monetary accounts, which will increasingly raise the demand for more digital channels to serve the fast-growing population of consumers who are fundamentally expanding the size of the market.